To know me you need to know the intentions I keep at the center of my heart:


To know me you need to know how I spend my Sabbath.

My favorite Sundays start at 6am with a leisurely walk to the grocery store where I pick out ingredients to craft a fancy breakfast. When I arrive home I make a mess of my kitchen while listening to music that sounds like remembering. After breakfast I smudge my house with Palo Santo while my loving family looks half alarmed half annoyed as I rub the fragrant, white smoke into their third eyes - wishing them peace for the week ahead. I tidy my home, trying to be grateful for the heaps of laundry to fold. I nap next to my baby daughters while fresh air comes through the open window. I share dinner with the people I love. I only have to ask my sons to shower one time and they happily oblige, even brushing their teeth without my haranguing. I lay my head on my husband’s chest to listen to his heartbeat with one ear and reruns of The Office with the other. Asleep by 9.  

To know me you need to know that preparing and consuming hot beverages is a sacred ritual:

half caf americano, no room
plain latte
peppermint tea