My name is Carmen. I am a visionary, a matriarch, and a teacher.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people understand and cultivate resilience.

(Because, skillfull – and grace-filled – response to inevitable adversity will allow people to flourish in all seasons of their lives.)


The traditional definition of psychological resilience is: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulty; toughness, to spring back. Here’s the thing, though: I have no desire to spring back. I’m only interested in evolving forward, into something new. I don’t want to be tough. I want to be whole.

I want to integrate my life experiences, even and especially the experiences that have brought me to my knees with despair.

I want glean every ounce of wisdom available to me through this pain and rise again, anew.

I am resilient. I am well-versed in picking up the pieces and putting myself back together. I have acquired a knack for integrating shit experiences into my being; letting the pain inform who I am and how I show up, without losing my integrity along the way. In the name of transparency, some of this has been intentional on my part. I’ve done a lot of work to be well and cultivate my resilience through the years.

Therapy, breathwork, yoga, acupuncture, numerology, regular exercise, tending to close friendships, essential oils, reading, and finding good teachers - to name a few practices that I have found supportive.

It’s also true that my ability is cultivate resilience is a miracle.

It’s a god-given gift. and gifts are meant to be shared.


I feel a distinct call to share bits and pieces of this gift out loud with those who might benefit from more resilience tools in their toolbox.  I’ve designed a curriculum to trial with a small group of people who want to cultivate and foster sustainable resilience practices in their day to day.

Is that person you?

Could you benefit from more resilience tools in your toolbox to facilitate your healing? Would you love gentle guidance and fiercely loving accountability as you work to integrate inevitable adversity? Or heartbreak? Or a recent shit sandwich that showed up on your door step uninvited?

Participants can expect:

  • 1 one on one session (in person or virtually)

  • 5 webinars:

    • One introductory session

    • One for each of the my three signature pillars of resilience

    • One final integration session

  • Weekly emails for the duration of the program. The email will include:

    • A sermon

    • An invitation for reflection

    • A call to action, your wounds won’t heal themselves.


This is for you if:

  • You feel stuck, restless, or listless. You’re ready to level up your life, but can’t quite breakthrough.

  • You recently experienced a big life change (new baby or new pregnancy, career change, family dynamic shifts)

  • You need, for maybe the first time, to prioritize yourself in order to better show up for the people who count on you to be well

  • You’re tired of your own self-limiting stories and need some loving accountability to start living richly and deeply as yourself, finally.

  • You’ve endured some shit. Maybe the heavy, heart wrenching kind that brought you straight to your knees. You need a road map for rising again.


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important notes:

I am not a licensed therapist. Skilled mental health care will not be provided as a part of this program. That said, I’m a fierce advocate for interdisciplinary mental health and will be happy to assist participants in finding a licensed mental health provider if they choose.

This program will be offered on a sliding scale. I believe strongly in accessible healing modalities. Suggested donation for those able to offer a financial contribution for my time, energy, expertise, and emotional labor is $40-$85 per participant.