ten years.

We celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary last week. The way we celebrated was fairly reflective of our current reality. Yosi took the boys to the football game, I took the girls grocery shopping and then facilitated bedtime.

When the guys got home I had a late dinner ready for us to enjoy alone after the boys went upstairs. As we sat and ate we talked about our favorite memories from the past ten years.

In no particular order, here’s what we shared:

  • That time we went sledding with the boys. It was the winter Emelia was born and she went with grandma and grandpa for the afternoon so we could connect with the guys and have some fun in the snow. We raced down the hill, over and over until our bellies hurt from laughter and our toes were numb. It was sunny and the snow was perfect. It was so much fun, we all were happy and together.

  • The ski trip we took two years ago, just us with our friends. It was four days of fun, no kids, full nights’ sleep, and spending time with our chosen family. We skied and laughed, and ate lots of chili and sugar cookies shaped like snowflakes.

  • Our first Thanksgiving in this house. Maybe the proudest I’ve ever felt.

  • Finding out we were pregnant with Emelia. We had been trying for a few months, and were starting to question if maybe we’d be content as a family of four after all. And then there were two pink lines and our hearts exploded with joy.

  • That evening at the beach this summer. The boys were playing in the water, Emelia and Sara were playing on the blanket. My head was resting in your lap and your hand was resting on my shoulder. It was just the right amount of warm, and the right ratio of ease to effort.

  • That night when everything fell apart. When we decided to stay. When we chose love and chose each other and decided that we were worth fighting for.

And just like that it’s been a decade of us. We’ve weathered a few storms and risen to the occasion, again and again, and I’m so damn proud of us. I’m proud of the people we’ve evolved into, the family we’ve created, and these memories we celebrate. It’s funny isn’t it? The things we remember and the way we remember them.

It’s emotional to reflect back, and exhilarating to think ahead. Ten years from now I can imagine that this list will be spattered with more sweet, painful, ordinary, and extraordinary moments that have shaped us and our family. We are on to something there, something beautiful.