self care right now:

It’s been over a year since Mulberry and Grace Self Care School was born. My own self care routine has changed dramatically in the last year.

It’s been humbling to be honest.

When I read back on some of my writing from last year, I’m proud of my genuine content AND I’m a little put off at how arrogant I sound.

My pregnancy with Sunny Sara, and the nearly five months since her birth, have been a wild ride. Emotionally and physically demanding. I am incredibly thankful for my strong self care practice, as it built a hefty reserve for me to tap into over the past year when I’ve needed it the most.

That said, picking up the self care story where I left it feels inauthentic and gross. I don’t know another way to put that. I’ve really wrestled with how to integrate the brand I’ve built with the story I want to tell next. This new story reflects my own refinement and maturity. It’s a coming of age tale. Destination: Grace with a capitol G.

I’ve decided to stay with Mulberry and Grace. Yosi has taught me all about staying. To stay means that you allow yourself to pick up the pieces and put them together in new ways. You let yourself feel the ache of growing and instead of panicking, you pour yourself a cup of tea to soothe your soul as the unfolding happens slowly. Always slowly.

So instead of burning down the platform I’ve lovingly built, I’m lovingly redefining it to be a more authentic and accurate illustration of who I am now.

What’s next for M&G? I don’t know yet. I’ve taken down most of my original content. I’m going to post #selfcaretoday pictures daily on Instagram, @mulberryandgrace. I plan to write, honestly and regularly, about what self care looks like for me right now. Perhaps I’ll offer some guest features. Maybe something in person? Maybe a workshop or FB miniseries? Have an idea for me? Shoot me an email,

Are you new here? Me too. Welcome.

What self care looks like right now:

Waking up at 5am, rested, but still tired

Breathing deeply when I notice I’m moving too quickly, without intention

Making a spinach, blueberry, and banana smoothie every single day

Putting a reminder in my iPad to ‘kiss Yosi when you get home from work’

Eating, eating, and eating nourishing food to fuel and satisfy my body’s demands for energy at the most basic level

Showering slowly

Recognizing the guilt I carry around, and not judging it

Tucking myself into bed, with the sun peeking in the curtains, at 8pm.

Kissing the cheeks of my children before school, after supper, and before bed

Washing the makeup off my face in the evening

Taking very good care of my hands, at home manicures weekly

Drinking as much herbal tea as I drink black coffee

Until next time,