monday mornings

I spend my Monday mornings writing. I consider it productive time to put pen to paper before the week gets rolling. I like to drop in to my present reality to reflect, practice gratitude, and set some intentions for the week ahead. I love mornings and I love Mondays. Imagine my vigor for Monday mornings each week.   

Here’s an excerpt of this morning’s writing:

To zoom back out, it’s wild to think that ten years have passed since Yosi graduated, since we got married. We’ve come a long way. It feels like ten years, definitely. But a lot has happened and changed for us. Also, to think that ten years from now Nolan will be heading out the door to his first day of senior year. Christian will be out of the house (??) The girls will be preteens and sleeping through the night in their own rooms, being independent people. I’ll be knocking on 40s door. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. With any luck we’ll have a little more peace, laughter, and ease in our days. We’ll be better rested and better able to pay our bills. And I hope Yosi and I are just as much in love with each other, and just as awestruck at our beautiful family as we are on our best days now. Wherever this life takes me, I’ll spend my Monday mornings drinking coffee and writing to my best friend about the god damn miracle of being alive.

And that last sentence sends a tingle down my spine. It lingers on my fingertips.

Do you write in the mornings? Or do you have a different practice to get centered and grounded as the week begins? Tell me about it in the comments! If you don’t have a morning writing practice, try it out and let me know how it goes.

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