Writing as catharsis. Pls advise:

As I reinvigorate this space, I wanted to have a little brainstorming sesh to get clear about what I want to say. Below is my preliminary list of titles/ideas. Please comment or send me a note about which most peaks your interest! If you don’t see it on the list, I invite new ideas.

Stay tuned to see these posts come to life in the coming months.

Holy experiences as self care, redefining spiritual practice

What it means to show up

Why is my heart broken?

Music and feelings

Ten years a wife

This time next year

First day of school, sentimental thoughts as school starts

Why life is awesome

Managing the home

Woo and I

Picking up the pieces

Joy, fun, and other mysteries

Evolution and friendships

How to have a best friend

Growth as a mandate

Deathwork, the holy art of holding space

Judgment vs. discernment

Universe ta-da list

Being a mother

How to be a gracious lady

Breathwork, yoga, dancing prayers

Ritual and practice

Choices matter, giving a shit as self care

Politics are people and how 2016 broke my heart.

Ten years from now

How to change your life

How to breathe

For the love

Mental health, holistic compassionate care for the whole family

Marriage is a job


Watching your friends be awesome

Being happy and clever

Responsible family management

Greatest decisions

Being embodied

Sleeping well

How to be resilient, a comprehensive list

Perfect day

Mothering and Fathering, lessons from Tim and Jill Taylor

What I’m listening to

Resilience and peace

Grit for working mamas

Affirmations for

                Ease, peace, happiness, sorrow, financial freedom, love, anxiety

Devotion, desire, delight


Families, given and chosen

Waking well, living well, eating well

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