Goals, Grace, and g/God

I’m starting a monthly meetup for women who are interested in crushing goals, loving themselves, and seeing g/God in the process. I’m envisioning a group of gals who come together once a month to get honest about their dreams, successes, and failures. Designed for women who want to think deeply, laugh, and then get gritty about brining their dreams to fruition.

This group is definitely for you if:

You are ready to create magic and momentum

You love to set intentions and bringing them to life

You want to crush personal and professional goals (even though you’re not always sure about the ‘how’)

You believe in supporting other women, fiercely

You acknowledge the divine in your life, and maybe are ready to embrace it in a big way

You’re grateful, so grateful, to be embodied. Even when it’s messy, painful, and haphazard.

This group is not for you if:

You cannot commit to regular attendance. Of course, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise that will interfere with your ability to attend. But please carefully consider your availability before committing to attend for six months. Meetings will be held from 230-4p the last Sunday of every month.

You must drink alcohol mid-day or to have reflective, expansive discussions. No booze at GGg/G.

You love small talk. No small talk here, aint nobody got time for that.

You’re a blabbermouth and hate bravery. It’s brave to be a truth-teller. Let’s encourage our sisters to be brave and honor them by respecting their privacy. What’s shared here stays here.

You are judgey and or feel entitled to interpret another woman’s truth. If that’s you, stay home.

You are under 18. Adults only please.

You’re guarded and not willing to share. Look, I get it. Vulnerability is scary af a lot of the time, but the this group is designed to be brought to life by the exchange of ideas, encouragement, accountability, and wisdom. Active participation is required.

You want to commiserate and/or are super attached to your suffering and old self-limiting stories.

If this is right up your alley, please enter your name and email address below.

You’ll receive an email from me early next week with the location of our first gathering. I’ll also include a prompt for reflection and a general format for our maiden voyage next week!

If you feel drawn to, please include a message about what you’re hoping to gain from this experience and/or topics and questions for group reflection.

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